Coastal Crafters Carnival ...... Craft and Quilt Event at Toogoom,Queensland near Hervey Bay

Held on Wednesday 18 July 2012. WATCH THIS SPACE for the next Carnival in 2014.

Entry fee included morning tea, lunch, entertainment, lucky draws, stalls, quilt and craft exhibits.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the stage in 2010

We had lots of door prizes and raffles to draw as well as Jacky Hens quilt trunk show.  Sally from Dreamswork  talking about photography and Jacky and Jean hamming it up with jokes and a skit about a pussy who met a dire fate.  Not bad legs in those black tights Jean!!  I even played up being on my crutch with a touch of Pirates of the Carribean.

The 'boys' helped out too

Our DH's helped out throughout the day from hanging quilts, providing security, lifting and carrying and lots of other jobs.  Also the local RSL sub-group members cooked the sausage sizzle lunch.  Our photographer Terry managed to stay behind the camera.

Just a couple of the stalls in the hall

Annie kept up the sales patter as the patrons sought the bargains at the craft club table.  Claire, our queen of glass, shows her glass creations with her usual pizazz.  Fionie shows off the hand dyes she created with some help from Linus members and is selling for the group.

In the hall

Every seat was taken, plus some.  The ladies were kept on their toes in the kitchen.

The Airing of the Quilts

The day was perfect and the quilts looked wonderful strung around the tennis court fence. We put Linus quilts on the step ladders in the middle. It kept the ladders handy and filled the space.

The big day!

I know you shouldn’t write in capitals but it was a BIG DAY AT TOOGOOM CCC!! Shame you didn’t make it. It was a fantastic day.

We had made door gifts for 120 people and after that let people in for $4. Then when we ran out of morning tea (the ladies used the sausage sizzle bread to make extra sandwiches) and the numbers to about 265 (luckily we always over cater the cakes and savories) we let them in for $3 then after all the door prizes were gone we let them in for $2 for a cup of tea/coffee and the show and gave up counting. It was amazing!!! When we were sitting around having a beer after we cleaned up we said we should have made people book but it was probably good they didn’t as we would have 1. panicked 2. stopped taking bookings. As it was the ladies just cut up paper and made more tickets and did lots of creative things to keep things going. It was a day for thinking on your feet.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Only Two Days To Go!!!

We are busy ticking off the boxes on the great job plans Catherine has set up.  Pam is busy sorting the raffle prizes - wow! you should see them.  We have had a great response from so many people.  There will be lots of people leaving the CCC with lovely prizes.  I have my eye on the raffle quilt - seen on right (as do so many others no doubt).  The Linus ladies made the picture blocks and our talented Norma G put them together and quilted it.  This is just one of the eight fab prizes in the main raffle which also includes a gorgeous sea theme iced cake made by our cook/icing artist extraordinaire Josie and a hand made glass jewellery set by our 'queen of glass' Claire D.  Claire has been also been painting sea creatures to decorate the hall and the foyer area promises to be amazing.  She said she wants to be sure that everyone remembers CCC as the best show they have ever seen.  Annie has her spare bed full of crafty items she has collected for the sales table, Desley is whipping up prizes and gifts on her trusty machine and June, Jan and Wendy have been busy with all the other jobs that keep popping up as the day nears.  Joan is taking care of the finances plus lots of organisating too - better her than me.  I like spending it not keeping track of it.

Me, well, I have to admit I took to my bed.  Not in a fit of pique but as a result of a ruptured Baker's cyst in my knee which was just starting to recover from replacement surgery.  However the team have been great - including DH - and with lots of help, from Pam in particular, the 'airing of the quilts' is almost sorted and it is now up to the weather whether we really get the quilts aired on the tennis courts or in the fishing club shed.  We have over fifty quilts for the display. 

I have been looking for a pirate hat and a parrot to go with my hop-a-long look as I do my job on the microphone on the day but so far have only been able to find a few feathers in my craft cupboard.  I think a hired pirate outfit would clash with my CCC pinnie - you'll have to come and see - mmmm